NEXT LEADER’s world class expertise is in helping managers make their greatest contributions at work. In short, we help them find their unstoppable.


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Managers do not make their greatest contribution with paint-by-numbers leadership programs. We help your managers harness the secret sauce that inspires them to be the greatest expression of themselves. These managers persist beyond adversity, innovate and create to solve unsolvable problems, and generate energy when all energy has been expended. They bring this passion and presence with them to work, and they inspire their teams. That is what UNSTOPPABLE LEADER delivers.


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Managers align jobs with their unique purpose.

* 12 manager development sessions that remove barriers to commitment and inspires self-authorship
* Managers gain access to the levers and dials that drive coordinated performance
* Enhanced competence in use of new tools
* Rapidly shift from acceptable to exceptional performance
* Expand thinking and commitment to new levels of practice
* Sustain changes, embedding practices into daily routines


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Managers learn together

* UNSTOPPABLE LEADER can be delivered in a one to many learning methodology
* Learning is accelerated through combination of personal and shared experience
* Managers develop stronger bonds with each other through the process
* Reach higher numbers of managers faster